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01 Sep 2021

The Worst Foods that Cause Cavities and How to Fight Back

You understand the basics of oral health. You brush your teeth twice a day and floss. Every six months, you see your...

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19 Aug 2021

Why Every Company Should Give Back to Communities and 5 Ways to Start

Today we’re covering a topic near and dear to our hearts, giving back. Organizations can help support the community and increase employee...

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09 Aug 2021

The Benefits of a Silver Toothbrush and Our Most Asked Questions Answered!

What’s the deal with silver? In today’s blog, we’ll answer the most commonly asked questions about our silver technology and discuss the...

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26 Jul 2021

11 Back-to-School Supplies for a Successful School Year!

School is just around the corner! Are you ready? We’ve created a list of back-to-school supplies that are sure to set your...

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07 Jul 2021

Pregnancy and Oral Health - What Expecting Moms Need to Know

You may not realize but pregnancy and oral health go hand-in-hand. This month our brushes were placed in 1000 Bump Boxes for...

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