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A Better Toothbrush for Better Health
Mouth Watchers was founded by Dr. Ronald Plotka, a renowned Boston area dentist.  His 40 year passion for offering his patients the best oral care possible led him on a quest for a toothbrush that would truly benefit their health.  A unique combination of antimicrobial* and dual layered flossing bristles™ provides the patient with THE optimal brushing experience.  The number one compliment we receive from consumers using our super toothbrush is:  “it feels like I just had a professional dental cleaning”.  This is high praise for a toothbrush.  (Learn more)


Reach Ultraclean Toothbrush with Floss Bristles vs. Mouthwatchers Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush with Flossing Bristles

July 26, 2016

The Reach Ultraclean Toothbrush at first glance and touch is stiff, and feels cheaply made. The website claims “Floss-Like” Bristles remove plaque deep between the teeth and along the gum line. When looking closely at the bristles, you can see they are no different than normal bristles. The angled bristle bed gives the appearance of different sized bristles, but closer examination shows they are all the same.   The Reach Ultraclean claims a tongue scrubber on the back of the head. Upon examination, the back of the head has approximately 30 bumps. The packaging itself claims to remove “up to” 96% of plaque. The Mouthwatchers anti-bacterial toothbrush with flossing bristles have been scientifically proven to remove 99.9% of bacteria build-up...

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Oral- B Pro Health vs. Mouthwatchers Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush with Flossing Bristles

July 21, 2016

Today we will be comparing the Oral-B Pro Health toothbrush vs. the Mouthwatchers Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush with Flossing Bristles. Upon first glance the Oral-B Pro Health looks fancy… Multi-colored, angled bristles, stiff handle, different length bristles; but Bristles the allure stops there. The Oral-B webpage claims that the CrissCross® bristles; at a 16-degree angle, eliminate 99% of plaque. The Power Tip® bristles reach hard to clean places. While no data is available on their website supporting this claim, we looked deeper into the brush itself. All the bristles are rough; no softness to them. While the 16-degree angle may look enticing, it does not appear to “reach” in-between the teeth. Being at an angle would cause the bristles to push further away as...

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