Travel Toothbrush $5.99
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Youth Manual Toothbrush
Youth Manual Toothbrush $4.99
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Power Toothbrush
Power Toothbrush $24.99
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Yearly Supply of the Adult Manual Toothbrush (Shipped to you every 3 months.)
Yearly Supply of the Adult Manual Toothbrush (Shipped to you every 3 months.) $20.99
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A Better Toothbrush for Better Health
Mouth Watchers was founded by Dr. Ronald Plotka, a renowned Boston area dentist.  His 40 year passion for offering his patients the best oral care possible led him on a quest for a toothbrush that would truly benefit their health.  A unique combination of antimicrobial* and dual layered flossing bristles™ provides the patient with THE optimal brushing experience.  The number one compliment we receive from consumers using our super toothbrush is:  “it feels like I just had a professional dental cleaning”.  This is high praise for a toothbrush.  (Learn more)


A Lazy Girl's Guide to Oral Care!

August 16, 2018

Hi Everyone! We all know we need to brush & floss well in order to maintain a healthy smile! Unfortunately, that fact doesn’t make keeping up with oral care any easier. Especially during the summer months, when the days are longer and we feel lazier and chilled out, our dental care can easily slip from the forefront of our minds.   I have devised a few simple habits and tricks to help keep on top of your dental care:   Use a distraction/multitask   Everyone has heard that they should brush their teeth for 2 minutes, but in our fast-paced world, 2 minutes seems like a lot of time to spend brushing away! In order to make sure I brush...

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Tips to Get Ready for Back to School!

August 07, 2018

Hey y'all! It’s that time of the year again… back to school shenanigans! Some might be excited to head back to school, but I know for the rest of us, it’s hard making that adjustment from summer mode to school mode 😒 But not to worry! Here are some tips that I found to help me get prepped and ready for the new school year. This usually did the trick for me, so I hope it helps you all too!   1: Start going to bed early Now, the older I got, I realized how important sleep is to function throughout the day. When it’s summer, especially when you don’t have any responsibilities early in the morning, you build up...

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