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27 Dec 2018

A Look Back on This Week in History

It is that time of year where 2018 is drawing to an end and we look forward with anticipation to all that 2019...

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25 Dec 2018

Best Movies to Watch on Christmas 🎥🎅🏻

Hey everyone! I'm wishing you all the warmest and merriest Christmas today! One of my favorite things to do with my family...

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18 Dec 2018

My go-to Christmas gifts that you can buy on Amazon!

Hello all, Christmas is approaching, and if you're like me, you aren't done with shopping for gifts yet (oops)! Thankfully, in our...

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11 Dec 2018

Holiday Travel Tips 2018

Travelling for the holidays can seem like a necessary evil.  But with a little preparation, it doesn’t need to take away from...

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10 Dec 2018

Russian winter: What it’s like?

Russian winter: What it’s like?   Winter in Boston vs Winter in Siberia (based on personal experience).   Hello all! Violetta is...

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