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15 Jun 2016

Smile you are part of National Smile Month !

This is a campaign run by the British Dental Health Foundation, to help improve the oral health of everyone.It is a campaign...

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08 Jun 2016

The Heart, Diabetes and Your Mouth

All this month is National Smile Month. We have talked about men’s health as it relates to oral care. We have discussed...

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06 Jun 2016

Whitening and Invisalign

This week for National Smile month we will be talking about ways to get your best smile. That’s right we will be...

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26 May 2016

Men’s Oral Health

June is National Men’s Health Month. One of the components of your overall health that most people forget is oral health. It...

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18 Apr 2016

The Connection Between Gum Disease And Dementia

NEARLY ALL OF US EXPERIENCE bleeding gums at some point in our lives. But don’t assume it’s no big deal. Gum disease can...

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