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29 Mar 2019

A Day in the Sun: Vitamin D and Overall Health

With the recent change in the daylight saving schedule it is hard to miss the fact that we are all enjoying more...

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28 Nov 2018

Mouth and Heart...A love-hate story by V.

Besides hurtful words that can make your heart bleed, Or warm kisses that make its wounds heal,Did you know that mouth and...

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24 Jul 2018

Keep your Cool - How to survive the Summer Sun/Heat

I am not a sunshine and/or heat enthusiast. Most people can guess this as soon as they meet me—I am one of...

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30 Apr 2018

Life Hack: Lose Weight, Prevent Disease, & Improve Cognition... in your Sleep!

by Tim Mavroules Dinner with Dr Plotka We made our way into the waterside restaurant- nestled amongst a row of dormant fishing...

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