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10 Dec 2018

Russian winter: What it’s like?

 Winter in Boston vs Winter in Siberia (based on personal experience).

Hello all! Violetta is here and I have to say that I LOOOVE winter. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that for 5 years before coming to the United States I’d lived In Siberia, Russia. What do you think when you hear Siberia? You automatically think cold weather, snow all year long and … vodka! Ha ha. But if you’d like to know a little more -> read this!


  1. How long is winter in Siberia?

Some people think that it is winter all year long in Siberia…

Not true! Siberians have all 4 seasons: Extremely hot summers (over 100F!), rainy falls, unbelievably cold winters (-40F) and beautiful springs. However, the winter IS, in fact, longer than here in the US. It usually starts snowing at the beginning of November (if not sooner!) and there the snow melts until mid-April. Can you imagine? It is almost half a year of winter.

My first winter in the US was in 2014. People were saying that it was the coldest winter they could remember and that there was too much snow. And I was just thinking inside my head “ You have no idea what real cold is, ha ha”!


Cool fact: The coldest inhabited place on Earth is located in a tiny village Oymyakon, Yakutia, Russian Far East, with a population of slightly above 500. The lowest temperature registered there was −71.2 °C (−96.2 °F) in 1924.


  1. Snow Storms in Siberia.

There is no such thing in Siberia as canceling work/school/transportation for a “snow day” reason. If that were the case the entire region would stop working for at least 3 months. It ALWAYS snows. And no one cleans the roads as they do here. The only time I remember not going to school because of severe snow was when the temperature dropped below 42 °C ( -43.6 °F). But that’s for the kids only! Adults still go to work somehow. However, because the humidity in Siberia is very low you don’t feel the cold as much as you do when it is very humid like it is here in the Boston area. And of course, the winter jackets sold in Russia are super warm! Winter jackets made out of animal fur are very popular (unfortunately).


  1. Driving in Siberia during the winter.

As I already mentioned, the roads in Russia are always snowy. It is just pointless to start cleaning them. Drivers HAVE to change their car’s tires to the winter ones BEFORE the season. It is the law! Here I found an interesting article about driving a car in Russia during the winter

Driving in Russia


  4. Winter Activities in Siberia

Here in Boston, my absolute favorite winter activity is snowboarding. Unfortunately, in Siberia there are not many places to go snowboarding. A couple of hills (even lower than Wachusetts, MA), but that’s it. And the closest ski resort is far away (a couple days by train). So my favorite thing was cross-country skiing. There is definitely enough snow to even ski in parks!


I hope you learned something new today. Comment below if you have any questions for me!


- Violetta