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24 Jul 2018

Keep your Cool - How to survive the Summer Sun/Heat

I am not a sunshine and/or heat enthusiast. Most people can guess this as soon as they meet me—I am one of the palest humans I’ve ever met, and I can’t tan; I only burn and then somehow get even paler. I also tend to run extremely warm, so the high temps aren’t my friend either. Suffice to say, surviving summer can be difficult. Here’s a list of my top tips for keeping cool/not burning to a crisp during the summer months!


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

According to the USGS Water Science School, up to 60% of the human adult body is water. When the temperatures rise, it becomes even more important for us to replenish our bodies with constant hydration! Personally, I’m not so great at keeping hydrated, but I have noticed that I hydrate much more often when I carry a very durable water bottle with me (I’m quite clumsy – nothing is safe!). My current favorite water bottle is this one from Camelbak. It’s large enough that I don’t feel like I’m constantly refilling it, and it stays watertight and sealed throughout the day which helps me to avoid unnecessary spills.

Use Accessories to your advantage

In addition to hydration, you can use accessories to help regulate temperature. In the past, I’ve used neckerchiefs like this. You just submerge them in water for 10-20 minutes, letting the beads inside expand, then pop them in the fridge or wear them right away. Having the moisture/cooling beads on the back of your neck effectively spreads cooling to the rest of your body rather quickly.

To protect from the sun, try a fashionable sun hat! This one even has a secret ponytail hole so you can wear your hair up while wearing it!

Be Aware and Prepare!

As a near-transparent person, I’ve grown accustomed to putting on sunscreen routinely. If sunscreen isn’t a routine for you, try your best each morning to anticipate where your day will take you: Will you be driving a lot? If so, make sure to at least put sunscreen on your face, as the rays get in through your windshield/windows. Will you be walking outside much? If so, either have clothes that cover everything, or apply sunscreen before leaving.

The same kind of preparation applies to temperature! If you know it is going to be hot, close the blinds/curtains in your house in order to block out some heat. I make sure to do this before I leave for work, and when I return home my apartment is always cooler than the outside temps. I also recommend investing in a sunshade for your windshield if you don’t have access to shade when parking your car at home or work. I use this one. I unfold/position the shade each morning before I walk into the office, and when I return at the end of the day my car is MUCH cooler than it would have been without the shade.


I hope these tips help you to stay safe and comfortable amidst the sunshine and heat this summer! What are your top tips for summer survival?