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31 Jul 2018

Have you ever wondered what the Dental Assistant thinks?!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to interview one of the coolest Dental Assistants I know (My Cousin) and see what her perspective was!

I asked her some questions and she was more than happy to let me get a close look into what a Dental Assistant thinks like!

1) What made you want to become a Dental Assistant?

I wanted to become a dental assistant for many reason. Two of the most important reason are, I was terribly afraid of the dentist growing up and the importance of Oral Health isn't discussed as much as I personally believe it should be! I never wanted another child//adult to go trough some of the horror stories you hear. I wanted to be the reason they come back to the dentist, a happy face and to make every appointment as personable as I could! Lastly what made me become a dental assistant is because oral health is one of the most important things to maintain. Many hear through out school, work daily life how important it is to follow up with your PCP regularly, however oral health is just as important. Poor oral health is the gateway to many different infections, diseases and if I could help spread awareness to each patient and make them love the dentist in return, my job would be complete! 

2) What specialty do you work int he dental field?
I work in the Endodontics field. To make it simple I do root canal and root canal related surgeries all day! Endodontics is an emergency based specialty. Seeing as it's a specialty we are exclusively doing root canal and root canal related surgeries day in, and day out, giving the doctors the skills to tackle every case no matter the difficulty levels. Working in a specialty field gives me the opportunity to work along side some of the most skilled Endodontists in Massachusetts! 
3) What is the most rewarding thing as a Dental Assistant?
I love working as a dental assistant because it is rewarding to have a patient come in, in excruciating pain and have them leave with not an ounce of pain! Working with patients gives you the ability to get to know each and every one of them in a different way. Some patients come in terrified and haven't seen a dentist in years, others come in and love it. Building a relationship with the patients and guiding them through what could be terrifying is truly rewarding. Working along side of some of the best Endodontists and the referring General Dentists is truly a blessing also. 
4) How do you see yourself progressing in the dental field?
Ultimately I would love to stay working in the dental field because I absolutely love it and truly believe I've found my passion. I would love to go on and continue my education and inevitably become either an Oral Surgeon or possibly even an Endodontist. Sticking with something you love allows you to never 'work" a day in your life. 
5) What makes you smile?
The things that make me smile are making my patients happy, seeing them leave with a new outlook on dentistry (whether it be a better outlook on oral hygiene or a new found love for the dentist). Patients leaving happy is what makes my day complete and puts a smile on my face at the end of each work day.
6) What is your favorite toothbrush?
My favorite tooth brush is Dr. Plotka's MouthWatchers toothbrush. I love them because they use many different techniques within each toothbrush to fight against plaque. They use an Anti-Microbial technology infused into the bristles which helps fight against bacterial growth letting you use your toothbrush longer and safer. Along with the Antimicrobial technique they use a dual flossing bristle system to help get into the inter-proximal spaces of the hard to reach areas around your wisdom and molars. 
Thank you Dental Assistant Donovan Gleeson we appreciate your perspective and thank you for choosing Dr. Plotka's MouthWatchers!