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16 Oct 2018

Happy Boss's Day! A Tribute to our General Manager, V

October 16th is Boss's Day, so the MouthWatchers team has decided to write about our wonderful manager, V!

V has been with MouthWatchers since 2009, and has helped the company to grow and flourish through her enthusiastic leadership. Here are some things we love about V:

What is your favorite thing about V?

Violetta: Her energy and positivity. She is always in a good mood and she never complains. That's so rare nowadays!

Jackie: Her work ethic. I’ve always said that she works 24/7. I’ve seen emails coming from her as late as 11 PM and and she has taken a lot of phone calls outside of our business hours for dentists/stores that want to place orders.

Tim: Her optimism in the face of any challenge.

Meg: Her sense of humor!

What's your favorite memory of V?

Violetta: This year at Expo West in Cali we were playing hide and seek with her adorable 2-year old daughter Eliana at 3 in the morning. We were hiding for about 20 min until V found us! 

Jackie: When we went to Expo West and she did a tarot card reading on us. It was nice of her to share one of her interests with us.

Tim: Any time she’s with Eliana.

Meg: When she very purposefully got ready to vacuum our office, citing it as her "duty". 🤣

How does V make MouthWatchers a great place to work/a great team to be a part of?

Violetta: She is supportive and understanding. She makes sure that we all know that our hard work is appreciated and does not go unnoticed.

Jackie: Out of all the jobs I’ve had throughout the years, I have never felt like I held such an important position until I came to work for the MW team. She really makes you feel like an asset and always reminds you.

Tim: Her enthusiasm for providing the best service to our customers and finding innovative ways to improve all the time.

Meg: Her ambition and excitement to constantly improve/grow, and how she reminds us that we're a part of that vision & process!

THANK YOU V for all you do! You make being part of the MouthWatchers team a blast!

Much love,

Violetta, Jackie, Tim, & Meg