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06 Nov 2018

Celebrate National Brush Day All Year Round!

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Celebrating Halloween is a fun tradition that helps ease the transition from the warm, vibrant days of Summer into the shorter, colder days of Winter.  With the MouthWatchers headquarters located only about 3.5 miles from downtown Salem, MA, we are entrenched in all things Halloween.  So, we aren’t shy about spider-web decorations, goblin masks, and of course filling our sacks with pounds of little bite-sized candies!  Of course, that sugar spike that lasts well into November is a potential hazard to your oral health.  Which is why November 1st is strategically planned as “National Brush Your Teeth Day”!


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Now is a great time to remind kids, and adults just the same, the importance of daily maintenance of oral health.  Sugar can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums without proper mitigation.  Your mouth’s micro-environment consists of hundreds of different bacteria.  Some are good for you, while others are harmful.  The harmful bacteria thrive on sugars.  When they digest sugar, they create acids as a waste product.  This acid can deteriorate the enamel of your teeth, causing tooth decay.  As the decay progresses you will notice a toothache or sensitivity when ingesting sweet, hot or cold food and drinks.  When you practice good oral hygiene, you are interrupting this process.

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To help inform good oral hygiene practices, here is a refresher of the steps dental professionals advise you take:

  1. Brush twice a day for two minutes. This is the foundation of good oral health!  Most people brush in the morning and at night.  However, are you really brushing for two full minutes?  Try using a timer to see.  I bet you will be surprised how long two minutes really lasts!
  2. Don’t forget your tongue. The surface area and texture of your tongue provides ample breeding ground for bacteria to thrive.  Make sure that you clean your tongue to remove food and plaque just like you would from the grooves of your teeth.
  3. Floss! Flossing is intended to reach areas that your brush cannot (just like Doctor Plotka’s fantastic flossing bristles!)  Flossing and brushing go hand in hand to remove the maximum amount of food particles between your teeth and along your gum line.
  4. Use mouth wash. This ensures you are really doing the most to clear away any food and plaque that would otherwise diminish your oral health.
  5. Schedule that dentist appointment! It is advised you see your dentist twice a year.  When was the last time you’ve been?  When you adhere to the basic steps of oral care outlined above, you will look forward to going to the dentist to show off the great results!

 Here at Mouth Watchers, we love to enjoy all that Halloween has to offer.  But we can’t forget the importance of balancing indulgence and good health.  Teaching kids good oral hygiene, and following it yourself as well, will ensure the whole family has the necessary equipment for biting into a delicious caramel apple for many years to come!

-Tim Mavroules