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25 Sep 2018

9 Tips for Embracing the Fall!

As I am sure many of you can relate, this week I am reluctant to accept that Summer is coming to an end.  I protest silently in my mind, but this past week’s persistent grey skies and temperatures in the mid-60’s leave little room for argument.  So, in the spirit of embracing that which I cannot change, here are some tips to make the most of Fall!


  1. Stay active

With the days getting shorter and the weather becoming less temperate, we can feel less inspired to get outdoors.  We naturally slide into “hibernation mode”.  Being inside is often accompanied by couch-lounging and indulgent snacking.  This is a perfect combo for those extra pounds we tend to lament as bikini season comes back around.  But you can hold off this slip into laziness by making a conscious effort to stay active.  There are plenty of things to still do outside like going for a hike, mountain biking, fishing and hunting for yard sales.  Still can’t get out there as often as you like?  Try a 15-minute bodyweight workout.  There are hundreds posted everyday right on YouTube by experienced and talented trainers.  There’s really no excuse for getting lazy in the Fall!


  1. Get Vitamin D

Much has been discovered about this ubiquitous micronutrient in the last 10 years.  Studies have shown it to be integral to many cellular processes, and have linked it to Seasonal Affective Disorder, obesity, and heart disease.  Tend to feel a bit blue when the days get shorter?  Want a little extra assurance that you are protecting your health?  Consider adding a Vitamin D supplement as the weather gets cooler.  It can help boost your immune system and your overall sense of well-being!


  1. Bundle up

Here in New England it is a rite of passage to endure the four seasons in all of their extremes.  For you fashionistas out there, the changing of the seasons is just an opportunity to break out a whole new wardrobe.  For the more practical types, having the right weather resistant gear can mean enjoying the outdoors straight through the colder months.


  1. Go to a game

September through January is the peak of the sportophile’s year!  The NFL season kicked off a couple weeks ago, the playoffs are about to begin in the MLB, and the NBA and NHL are both ramping up with preseason activities.  You can enjoy a local high school or college game any weekend and support the next generation’s up and coming talent.  Take it one step further and commit to coaching a local youth sports team and help guide kids to aspire to be better and believe in themselves.


  1. Take a class

September is back to school time.  But that isn’t necessarily reserved to just the kids.  Feel like you could use an edge at work?  Looking to start a new hobby or learn a new skill?  Now is a great time to make the most of being inside more by taking a class and grow on a personal level.  There is probably a breadth clinics and classes right in your community.  Check out locally owned businesses, community colleges, and adult learning centers to see if there is something that appeals.  It might just open up a whole new world of opportunities!


  1. Throw a Party

There’s nothing like propping up against the colder weather with a group of close friends and family.  Share that new recipe you learned in the cooking class you recently signed up for.  Take a chance to reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a while.  Having less to do outdoors can mean having less social interaction through the colder months.  But it doesn’t have to be true!  This is the perfect time of year to fill your home with the good cheer of great company.


  1. Enjoy the Harvest

This is prime time for local farmers and artisans to bring their goods to market.  Seek out a farmer’s market and you can support families and the local economy.  You are sure to find some of the freshest produce, baked goods, meats and cheeses available.  Often the selections are organic and better for you than food from national producers.  It is also a great opportunity to find something to share at that party you’re planning next weekend!


  1. Crock Pot Cooking

Nothing is easier, and often healthier, than cooking in a crockpot!  You just pile the ingredients together in the morning, and by the afternoon you have a delectable hearty meal.  And it’s not just limited to beef stew.  You can find delicious recipes online for anything from curry to jambalaya to cheesecake!


  1. Grow a Beard

This last one is based on my own biased opinion that beards help improve a man’s health, vitality, and credibility in general.  They look great, bestow an air of wisdom, and stave off that chill that comes creeping in with Fall and Winter.  Having trouble finding a girlfriend? Struggling with a plateau in the gym?  Wondering what you’re going to do about that pack of wolves that keep harassing your flock?  Grow a beard and watch as these seemingly insurmountable obstacles crumble at your feet.