Adult Superior Manual Toothbrush
Adult Superior Manual Toothbrush $4.99
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Youth Superior Manual Toothbrush
Youth Superior Manual Toothbrush $4.99
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Superior Power Toothbrush
Superior Power Toothbrush Sold Out - $19.99
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Yearly Supply of the Adult Superior Manual Toothbrush (Shipped to you every 3 months.)
Yearly Supply of the Adult Superior Manual Toothbrush (Shipped to you every 3 months.) $18.99
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A Better Toothbrush for Better Health
Mouth Watchers was founded by Dr. Ronald Plotka, a renowned Boston area dentist.  His 40 year passion for offering his patients the best oral care possible led him on a quest for a toothbrush that would truly benefit their health.  A unique combination of antimicrobial and dual layered flossing bristles™ provides the patient with THE optimal brushing experience.  The number one compliment we receive from consumers using our super toothbrush is:  “it feels like I just had a professional dental cleaning”.  This is high praise for a toothbrush.  (Learn more)


How to Maintain a Bright Smile?

August 13, 2014

White, Bright Smile Achieving a brighter, whiter, and healthier smile has become both attainable and affordable. Cosmetic dentists can often offer several different options for whitening, but there are things that you can do to keep your smile bright and white. Here are five tips to achieve a beautiful smile. 1. Choose Good Quality Whitening Products There are various differences in purchasing over the counter whitening products you can purchase that can improve the overall quality and color of your smile. A number of whitening toothpastes provide whitening formulas to help you achieve white teeth without utilizing harsh chemicals. Mouthwash and toothpaste products continue to provide dental hygiene and protection, as well as enhance the overall color of your teeth over...

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How gross is your toothbrush? 5 toothbrush hygiene mistakes you’re probably making

July 03, 2014

10 billion: Thah is how many microbes live on your toothbrush at any given time. “Toothbrushes can act as a lightning rod for bacteria, viruses and even what we call fungi or mold and mildew,” Dr. Gerry Curatola, founder of Rejuvenation Dentistry and author of the book Smile For Life, Rejuvenation Dentistry and the Art of Wellness, told FoxNews.com. “The types of bacteria…can range anywhere from the bacteria in the mouth that cause tooth decay and gum disease, to strep bacteria to E. coli.” Check out these five hygiene mistakes you’re probably making when it comes to your toothbrush. 1. You keep your toothbrush within 6 feet of a toilet Because most people store their brushes in the bathroom, it’s easy...

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